Garvetur | Enolagest supports artists from the Algarve

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This year 2020, the usual Christmas party that for 37 years has brought together Garvetur | Enolagest employees took on different shapes, associating solidarity with artists in the region.

Garvetur | Enolagest supports artists from the Algarve

“We intend to maintain the tradition of celebrating Christmas, but in an innovative format, due to the 2020 situation, recommending much smaller gatherings, so we organized a mini concert, with the performance of the fado singers César Matoso and Melissa Dourado, accompanied by guitarists Nuno and Ricardo Martins , at the Vilamoura Jardim Business Center, in the Mais Academia Training auditorium, the brand we recently created for the training of our employees. In the assistance, and complying with all the safety rules, there were directors and a representative of each team of our companies ”, explains Reinaldo Teixeira, administrator of Garvetur | Enolagest.

Andreia Alexandre, head of Mais Academia and director of Human Resources at Enolagest, SGPS, highlighted “the sense of social responsibility that has always marked our subsidiary companies and led us to support one of the sectors of activity most penalized by the current situation caused by the pandemic, the Algarve artists ”. The concert will be available online on the websites, social networks and You Tube channel of Enolagest Companies, so that it can be viewed, not only by our employees and their families, but by the general public. “It is a gesture full of symbolism, in line with the Christmas spirit of unity among all employees who, with their commitment and resilience, allowed the continuity of the activity of our companies, and, although using digital tools, we believe we have it was a moment of fraternization, of joy and celebration of Christmas ”, concludes Reinaldo Teixeira.



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